Minneapolis – Hidden Neighborhoods – Ryan Lake & Victory Memorial Parkway

victory memorial parkway

Most folks in the Twin Cities are unaware that there is a lake tucked away in north Minneapolis by 47th and Xerxes Ave N, just off of Victory Memorial Parkway. Ryan Lake is a recreational development lake that borders the … Continue reading

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Investment Property 101 Seminar – Tuesday January 21st 6:30 to 8 PM

real estate investing

Investment Property 101 Seminar – Tuesday, January 21st, 6:30-8 PM - Have you ever thought about becoming a real estate investor? Seen a few of those late night infomercials, your interest may be piqued, but you simply don’t want to spend … Continue reading

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Income Tax on Forgiven Mortgage Debt in 2014

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extension

As of January 2014, the Mortgage Debt Relief Forgiveness Act of 2007 has expired. This means that homeowners who have a short sale or foreclosure may now face an income tax bill on the forgiven debt. If you are considering … Continue reading

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Reuters Special Report: US Builders Hoard Mineral Rights Under New Homes


(Reuters) – Robert and Julie Davidson fell hard for the gleaming new house at the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida. They loved the way the palm-fringed, Spanish-style home backed up to the fifth-hole fairway. And they were … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Real Estate Market – Becoming More Buyer Friendly

housing slow down

After months of limited inventory (homes listed for sale), high buyer demand, low interest rates and phenomenal price growth, the market seems to be slowing down and becoming more buyer friendly. With the number of homes for sale increasing and … Continue reading

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Did Someone Die In That House?

died in house

“Has there been a death in this house?” It is not uncommon for buyers to ask this question when we are looking at older homes. It is however, an uncommonly hard question to answer. In the state of Minnesota sellers … Continue reading

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Why It Might Be Cheaper To Purchase A Home Now

rising interest rates graphic

With mortgage rates creeping up toward 5% as 2013 draws to a close, potential home buyers have some decisions to make — and soon. A laundry list of economic issues, including inflation, consumer credit, and rising home prices has the … Continue reading

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